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Форумы Трудоустройство: Резюме специалистов Резюме на позицию HR generalist/HR BP, Москва, готовность к переезду

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Бабушкин Эдуард
Резюме на позицию HR generalist/HR BP, Москва, готовность к переезду



10 Leskova str., apt. 160, Moscow 127349, Russia

Mobile: 7 985 2913898; home: 7 499 9095328


ru.linkedin.com/pub/anna-banoki na


  • HR professional with 19 years of Talent Management experience of a full cycle: leading HR directions and working out principals and standards in recruitment, adaptation of new employees, annual appraisal, T&D cycle, individual development programs, special teamwork and brand development events
  • Good in negotiations and HR services purchasing, leading tenders; policies and procedures development; budgeting and controlling of $1,5-2M
  • Very good in leading HR projects starting from a scratch, which require creative approach and leading teams of professionals
  • Experienced in matching HR standards and business needs, market research and new product and services introduction. Skilled in organizing programs, special events oriented to HR branding
  • Special instruments: Hay grading, 360 assessment by Cubiks, SHL testing, Predictive assessment certificate
  • Full understanding of Russian Labor standards and ability to operate them when applicable
  • MS Office literate (Excel, PP, Word, Outlook); Oracle/RMS; special HR systems: Taleo, PeopleSoft, 1C, BossKadrovik
  • Reading, writing and speaking proficiency in Russian and English, basic French
  • Has one child of 7; hobbies: travelling, salsa and bachata dancing, reading, singing, making portrait pictures




May 2011 – present

NCR Corporation

Talent Acquisition Consultant, HR Senior Specialist

  • Eastern Europe planning, resourcing, testing and recruitment activities (responsible for Russia and CIS, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic)
  • Full range of support to Hiring Managers from all over the world from Job Requisition creation till handling new employee to HR shared services center for documentary support
  • Full range of talents acquisition of any grade and function. Within last 4 years I have recruited about 400 core positions for NCR with low cost instruments (LinkedIn, HH, European Job Boards through eQuest, CareerBuilder, Referral program)


October 2010 – March 2011 (project work)


EXECT Business Training

Marketing Director

  • Rebranding Business Training Russia (trainings provider) into EXECT Partners Group (HR Consultancy) coordination
  • Leading on-going marketing & PR projects: Leadership Minimum 2011 with Harvard Business Review, new view of participation in Training EXPO 2011, developing partnership with several organizers of conferences and exhibitions (HBR, The Moscow Times, etc.), publishing houses contacts development, competitive cards analysis, corporate gifts project, development of corporate site and internet marketing coordination, etc.
  • 2011 budgeting, marketing planning for LEADS generation
  • Managing marketing department of 4 people


March 2008 – June 2010


DHL Worldwide Express in the CIS as part of Deutsche Post DHL

World leader in international air express-delivery representation within CIS and Russia; up to 3000 employees in 2008 in Russia; based in Moscow, Russia

Staffing & Development Manager Russia (March 2008 – June 2010) 
  • Strategic leadership of 2 directions Staffing and Development, which include: all levels Recruitment, Reserve development, Training and Performance Appraisal management
  • Creation and development of new policies and procedures (T&D Policy, Recruitment Policy, Appraisal Policy, several specialized procedures), leading full-cycle strategic HR projects, development of new HR concepts
  • Recruitment and Training Budgets leading (total budget of up to 1M EURO in 2008): preparation, re-forecast exercises, reporting control, all budgets follow-up over RU cost-centers
  • Leading annual tenders for recruitment and T&D services and all appropriate corporate programs
  • Supervision of 2 departments (up to 10 subordinates), departments forming and leading, structure and process optimization, day-to-day subordinates coaching, etc.

1)      Created and set-up the whole training and development system, including hard, soft and managerial competencies. The system was the basis for DHL RU T&D Policy.

2)      Optimized Performance Appraisal system for DHL RU with basic DHL principals but taking into account Russian specifics and geography, which helped to get 95% of all PA forms within PA period.

3)      Build Recruitment system on standard annual tenders, which was a basis for creating a Recruitment Policy, including internal and external sourcing.

4)      In 2009 both departments managed to shift to almost 0 external service payments without decrease of recruitment and training services provided.

5)      Developed structure of training programs for DHL managers of all levels provided both by internal and external trainers.


November 2006 – February 2008

     &n bsp;           

OTIS Elevator Company

World leading manufacturer, installer and maintainer of elevators, escalators, part of Unite

Technologies Corporation (UTC); based in Moscow, Russia

Staffing & Development Director (November 2006 – February 2008)
  • Leading 2 directions (Recruitment and T&D) and cross-functional HR projects
  • Development of new Policies and Procedures (Recommendation Bonus Procedure, Foreign Languages Studies Policy, etc.); leading several new projects (Induction course, Graduate program with OTIS, OTIS HiPO Development Program, etc.)
  • Recruitment and Training Budgets leading: preparation, re-forecast exercises, reporting control, all budgets follow-up over Russia cost-centers;
  • Supervision of 2 departments (5 subordinates), departments forming and leading, structure and process optimization


September 2002 – October 2006




American telecommunication holding, listed in NASDAQ since 1999; 3500 employees; 16 Russian regional

offices and 6 CIS companies with HQ in Moscow, Russia

Organization Development Manager (May 2004 - October 2006)

  • Development of grade based development system on the basis of KPIs of different levels and in accordance with PDPs analysis
  • Participated in developing of corporate KPIs and competences as a part of C&B performance management project
  • 2006 - working out and implementation of managers development program (for managers 14 grade and over) – in accordance with corporate requests, and line managers (12 - 13 grades) trainings – in accordance with PDP analysis
  • GT Training policy working out and implementing; working out of MBA, second education and other training policies
  • Developed and implemented Induction 1,5 – day program for newcomers (BUs presentation day Induction business game)
  • Training $1,5M Budget control: budget distributing control, quarterly budget reporting to BU Directors
  • Full range of training department administration routine; full range of training centers negotiating and contracting, including tenders coordination for all external programs

Staffing and Development Manager, Combellga - Comincom Group (Sep. 2002 – May 2004); the group was acquired by Golden Telecom Inc. in 2004

  • Development of training corporate policy
  • Development and implementation of full range recruitment procedure within Moscow and regional offices (structured interviewing, SHL professional testing, PI personal testing, job identifying)
  • Coordination of recruitment activities in Moscow and regions (recruitment through advertising and Internet, work coordination of regional recruitment agencies)
  • Training budget coordination, coordination of all ongoing training programs; organization of a 3-day corporate training for commercial department (100 people) with John Von Achen
  • Coordination of English language studies tender for the company employees
  • Exit employee feedback form working out, exit interviewing
  • Taking part in implementation of Hay grading system into the company


March 2001 – April 2002

RosInter Restaurants ltd. (restaurant holding, part of Rostik International Group); number of employees: about 3,500 in 60 restaurants and about 500 in the head quarter; based in Moscow, Russia

Recruitment Department, Head (March 2001 – April 2002)

  • Organisation of recruitment department and structuring its work from a scratch
  • Development of recruitment policy and standards of the company, taking part in developing of HR standards for the company
  • Graduate recruitment program activation and a long training program for students of specialised colleges system working out
  • Recruitment and search activities (responsible for all vacant positions in HQ managerial positions in restaurants within Russia and the CIS); control staff recruitment process
  • Using most possible instruments for recruitment (advertising, exhibitions, recruitment agencies, media, Internet etc.); recruitment procedures working out for different levels, including assessment centre, interviewing process within the company, reference checking, etc.
  • Recruitment budget control and recruitment strategy working out


April 1999– February 2001

The Morgan Chase Group (UK consultancy), based in Moscow, Russia

Eastern Europe Team, FMCG/General Sector, Consultant (April 1999 – February 2001)


April 1996 – January 1999

Norman DL Consulting (Russian executive search agency), based in Moscow, Russia

Finance & Banking, Legal Department, Head/Senior Consultant (August 1997 – January 1999)

General Sector, Consultant (April 1996 – August 1997)



EDUCATION       ;             & nbsp;            &nb sp;              ;             MAIN COURSES

Moscow State Pedagogical University           &nbs p;       English, French

Bachelor Degree in Languages Teaching (1995)



1) “Decision Making for Managers” by LBS Professor Zeger Degraeve, SKOLKOVO

Moscow, Russia (May 2009)

2) “Finance for Decision Makers”, internal DHL course for TOP Managers

Moscow, Russia (October 2008)

3) “LIVON” (Celimi Business Simulation Game) within DHL Leadership Development Program,

Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (August 2008)

4) “Introduction into 360 Process”, internal DHL course for TOP Managers

Moscow, Russia (June 2008)

5) “Train the Trainer”, Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (June 2006)

6) “Induction business game for GT” (certification as a playing TM), Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (January 2006)

7) “Situation Leadership”, Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (April 2005)

8) “Decision Base” (Celimi Business Simulation Game), Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (October  2004)

9) “Effective Management skills. Management circle overview”, Business Training Russia

Moscow, Russia (July 2004)           & nbsp;            &nb sp;            

10) “The Art and Science of Coaching” (1st stage), Marilyn Atkinson’s course in coaching, International Erikson college

Moscow, Russia (September 2003)              &n bsp;           

11) “Job descriptions in accordance with Hay standards “, Hay Group Russia

Moscow, Russia (September 2003)            &nb sp;              ;

12) “The Predictive Index System training”, Praendex Europe

Moscow, Russia (March 2001)            &nb sp;              ;       

13) “JICAP Programme” pre-MBA course by Lancashire Business School, British Council granted programme

Attachment with HR department of Cameron McKenna, London, UK          &nbs p;                  

UK (January – February 1999)

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