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Форумы Трудоустройство: Резюме специалистов Резюме на позицию Human resources specialist / Learning and People Development specialist, Киев, Украина

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Бабушкин Эдуард
Резюме на позицию Human resources specialist / Learning and People Development specialist, Киев, Украина

Dultseva Marina

Female, 31 year, born on 1 March 1983


380 (97) 178-25-25 — preferred method of communication


Reside in: Kiev

Citizenship: Ukraine, work permit at: Ukraine


Desired position and salary

Human resources specialist / Learning and People Development specialist

Human Resources, Training

• Human Resources

• People Development

Work experience —7 years 1 month

ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation  Kiev, www.roshen.com

Human resources manager

-            &nbs p; Recruitment. Defined hiring needs of the company and determined sourcing strategies. Managed talent acquisition process: search of candidates, vacancy announcement, interviewing and selecting candidates, reference checking, driving job offer process and on-boarding.
-              Adaptation and induction for newcomers, probation period data management. Personnel Adaptation Program, questionnaire and feedback forms designing and implementing.
-              People Development: Competence Model and Job Profiles designing, Formal Mentorship Program coordination (Junior IT staff) as a part of People development launch. Search of English classes for managers.
-              Internal communications supervision. Administered of the internal survey of Leadership Styles (top-managers and senior staff) and survey of Organizational Climate and Personnel Involvement. Managed and controlled all aspects of the company's Intranet portal designing and implementing.
-              Prepared structures of the company, analytical reports, labor market analysis.
-              Medical Insurance Program supervision.

•            &n bsp; Successfully performed searching of high-qualified candidates and on-boarding them (finance, engineering, marketing, analytics, trade-marketing, sales, etc.).
•            &n bsp; Initiated, designed and implemented Recruiting Policy of the company.
•            &n bsp; 80% candidates passed probation.
•            &n bsp; Junior IT specialists successfully passed Mentorship program and have been approved by Head of IT Department.
•            &n bsp; Launched Intranet portal.
•            &n bsp; Arranged the Database of candidates with analytical criteria. 
•            &n bsp; Administrated the whole process of internal surveys.

The reason of leaving: aspiration to improve my skills in Training, Learning & Development, Appraisal process, Assessment.


TERRA FOOD group of companies  Kiev, terrafoodgroup.com/en/

Human resources manager

-            &nbs p; Recruitment and Adaptation: Full life cycle of recruitment process for the holding company, branches and manufacturing facilities: target-list of “donor” companies and long/short list of candidates making, interviewing and selecting candidates, reference checking, on-boarding.
-              Training and People development for the head-office and top-management of branches and manufacturing facilities including:

learning needs assessment, interviewing of top-managers,

job skill assessment and Competence Model preparation (based on corporate goals),

preparation of Annual Training Plan,

organization of external and internal trainings,

training effectiveness control,

case studies preparation,

organization of English classes,

collaboration with training agencies and coachers,

dealing with L&D budgets.
-              Compensation and Benefits: payroll preparation and budgeting monthly, analytical reporting.
-              internal communications: collaborated with HR team in internal communications projects (Day of the Company, Medical Insurance program, corporate events, website of the Company).

•            &n bsp; Annual Learning & Development plan prepared.
•            &n bsp; Organized trainings for finance department, sales team, top management, middle-management, English for all-comers.
•            &n bsp; Successfully performed searching of high-qualified candidates for Head-office and regions (more than 40 positions monthly) and on-boarding them.
•            &n bsp; Implemented Recruiting Policy.
•            &n bsp; Promoted within 5 months to C&B Specialist.


The reason of leaving: HRD with me were dismissed by new HR Director.


M.I.P Ukraine  Kiev

Recruitment consultant

-            &nbs p; Executive and Senior Management direct search for FMCG industry, Production, Legal companies.
-              Discuss the vacancy with Client and design sourcing strategy, elaborate target-list of “donor” companies. Screen and make long/short-list of prospective candidates. Interview and select candidates. Reference checking, salary negotiations and presenting job offers. Drafting reference reports weekly, preparation of reports and documents required by the Client.
-              Business development and clients relationship management, searching for and negotiation with new customers, liaison with existing customers and partners.
-              Active participate in business forums and European Business Association and Swedish-Ukrainian business club to maintain business relations with prospective clients and partners, qualified candidates and colleagues.

•            &n bsp; Successfully performed various projects of searching top and senior level managers in Russia and Ukraine including cooperation with Fiege, ICON PE, KESZ, Astapovlawyers.


Recruiting companies (freelance)  Kiev

Recruitment consultant

-            &nbs p; Business development and clients relationship management, searching for and negotiation with new customers, liaison with existing customers and partners. Partnership with various recruiting agencies regarding recruitment projects.
-              Vacancy announcement, job ads, development of sourcing strategy. Search and selection of mid-level specialists, interviewing of candidates, assessment of professional qualities, reference checking, salary negotiations and presenting job offers. Proactive direct search of candidates. Drafting reference reports weekly.

•            &n bsp; Successfully performed recruitment projects for Olympus, Siemens, Samsung, Miele, Jones Lang LaSalle, Astapovlawyers, EnGarde, Stara Fortetsya company.


Higher education

Ural Academy of Public Administration (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation), Yekaterinburg

Faculty of Public and Municipal Administration, Human Resources


Professional development, courses

Human Resources Management (MBA program)

Edinburgh business school, Human Resources


Human Resources

EU Centre HRM-Europe, Human Resources


Key skills

Russian — native. English — I am a fluent speaker. Ukrainian — I am a fluent speaker


Additional information

ROSHEN - (Head of HR). Gonchar Tatyana

TERRA FOOD- (Head of HR). Yakovenko Olga


-              3 years relevant in-house HR experience at the national level. 
-              Understanding of the key HR processes and ability to design and implement HR procedures.
-              Experience in Learning&Development (learning needs assessment, quality management of training programs, organization of T&D events, dealing with budgets), Formal Mentorship program for Junior Staff.
-              Experience in Talents sourcing, selection and Executive search (top and middle staff).
-              Experience in Compensation&Benefits (payroll preparation and budgeting).
-              Internal communications (surveys, motivating people).
-              Fluent English, Ukrainian, Russian.
-              Team player. Able to learn and share knowledge. Able to demonstrate corporate ethics and integrity. Enthusiastic and proactive person.


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